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I share reliable and accurate women's health knowledge and learn from colleagues in various fields of medicine. Social media, when used properly, can connect us, inform us, and empower us!

The Center for Pelvic Wellness

One of the major benefits of working at Penn Medicine at Princeton Medical Center is the close working relationship I can continue with The Center for Pelvic Wellness, which focuses on Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy.


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy CHANGES LIVES!

Whether its for chronic pelvic pain due to endometriosis, pain with intercourse, or for managing stress incontinence (leaking urine when you cough/laugh/sneeze/run!)- it can be an excellent resource for women dealing with very frustrating issues. For more info on the following programs, call 1.888.897.8979.

Virtual events:

"Conquering Pelvic Pain": Fitness and Education to Empower Women

Learn exercise and lifestyle management strategies to help improve pelvic pain with this 6 week virtual class designed for women experiencing pain in and around the pelvic girdle

"Total Control": A Pelvic Wellness Program for Women

Improve your pelvic floor health and quality of life through a six-week Total Control® program. Urinary leakage and bladder control; frequency or overactive bladder; pelvic strength and support; post-partum core strength; and better posture and balance. Each session includes a 60-minute low-impact workout followed by a 15-minute education portion.

"Postpartum Power": Fitness and Education for New Moms 

Strengthen and restore your posture, core and pelvic floor with this 6-week virtual class designed for new moms.

Participants should be at least six weeks postpartum and have their doctors' medical clearance to exercise.Sessions will include education along with low-impact cardio workouts, core and pelvic floor exercises, yoga and breathing. 

Yoga Class

The White Dress Project

The White Dress Project is a wonderful organization that promotes fibroid awareness, raises funds for research and increases support, proving to women everywhere that they CAN wear white!

For more information about their various educational events:


Covey Club

I was introduced to the Covey Club through a collaboration webinar they hosted with me and .perry founder, Laura Okafor!


It is a wonderful resource for women looking for information in various areas of self care and growth- health, wellness, career, relationships, you name it!

Check out Covey Club!



Perry. is an online community of women interested in and suffering form perimenopause.

Through social media collaborations and a private Facebook group, women can share and learn more about this sometimes difficult transition. 

Sometime it just helps to know you are not alone!

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IGlive @ivf_irms

Follow me on instagram to hear about upcoming IGlive discussions with one of my favorite REI physicians, Dr. Debbra Keegan at IRMS- New Jersey. We'll be talking about various gynecologic conditions that affect fertility!

This past month we had a info-packed conversation about Endometriosis and Fertility!

Check it out on IGTV!